Roofer at Work

How it Works

Are you a business looking to hire? Find out how our process works and submit your job so we can find you the perfect fit

Step 1:


Team Up

Submit and send your request and Pair Connect will arrange a kick-off call to discover the following:

1. Specification about the Role & Requirements

2. Understanding of your company, team and culture

3. The key points as to why someone should join your team

The more we know about your company the better outcomes we provide!

Step 2:


Once we have got a full understanding of what a great candidate looks like in YOUR eyes we will work tirelessly to find options for you by networking through our extensive database and using our creative marketing methods to ensure we find you the best candidate!


Step 3:



We meet all candidates Face to Face, our interview process goes more than just asking standing/boring questions. We dig deep! Making sure they not only have all the right industry-specific experience but also their values are aligned with you and your company, that way when they meet with you all the hard work has been done!

Step 4:


You will be presented with a detailed work history but also specific jobs and projects that they have delivered.


Step 5:


All Pair Connect candidates are required to go through induction to ensure we have all tickets and qualification on file. They are also required to complete and Workplace Health and Safety induction.

Step 6:


We make sure that the placement process is smooth and seamless for both parties ensuring expectation always get meet!


Step 7:


Our job is not done! We will be in regular contact with both yourself and our candidate after the placement has been finalised to ensure everyone is happy!